Wednesday, October 5, 2011

what's this about lesson plans?

i sat down the other day, pulled out all of my books and tried to get to work. i've got planning upon planning... and then some more planning to get done.

i'm not real good at planning.

i've been teaching long enough that if i've got the basic idea of what needs to happen, i can fly by the seat of my pants and make it work. not the best approach, i know, but it works most of the time.

but. i'm the last teacher in the world who doesn't at least want to use technology. who doesn't carry a radio or even know how to connect the projector to the computer. and forget about asking me to carry a computer to school. it's too heavy.

and now. my students demand it. we want more listening, more videos, more... of someone other than you talking to us. different accents so we can understand more people, different contexts so we can learn...


yes. so there. i need to plan. at least i need to try.
and while i'm planning for the university, i need to get on the boat and start mapping some things out for my own kids - like everything that is missing in samil's "formal" education and getting a pencil in amely's hand and out of her mouth. maybe teach her some colors other than blue and make sure samil understand that blanco and black are not the same thing.

so, i sat down and tried to plan. i had every intention in the world to get a few days banged out and written down.

but then i fell asleep.