Thursday, April 19, 2012

shoe fetish.

my shoe closet consists of one pair of blue flats, one pair of black flats, a pair of blue, peep-toe sandals, black work shoes, black pumps, 8 million flip flops and a pair of sneakers.

i am no shoe fashionista. or any kind of fashionista for that manner. i leave that job for amely.

i like shoes. to look at them, admire them. but the thought of stilettos sends me directly to the emergency room with a broken neck. and anything that isn't comfortable to look at is off the list of shoes for me.

i'm even a little judgmental about shoes. mostly because here shoes are a big deal. women wear high-heels all.of.the.time. platform shoes, chunky heels, kitten heels - you name it, it's worn here recently stilettos have become popular - not just any stiletto, but stilettos pair with platforms, also known as stripper shoes.

i think they're great. really. if you're going dancing or on a sexy date. or if you're just getting paid for sex on a date. lovely, these shoes are. but what i can't wrap my mind around is why in the world you'd put on these shoes to go traipsing around the city. to the supermarket, to the park with your kids, to take class in the university.

i just don't get it.

i've been on the look out lately, and luckily (lucky for my judgmental self), i've noticed that they're not really that common in the grand scheme of things. when i go to the fancy supermarkets, there might be one or two ladies in the entire store sporting plastic platforms on her feet, but the supermarkets that cater to a lower socio-economic class have a higher average of spike-heels.

seriously, who goes out in these things? do you? why? let me know.

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sarah buki said...

i understand what you mean!!! In Congo, all the girls would go out in these and yet there is no even ground to walk on and the mud you sink into!!! First off it will ruin the shoes and second, I can hardly walk straight on flat even ground, I can't imagine how often I would fall in any type of heels! I know its supposed to be sexy and fashionable... but I just don't get it.