Monday, September 28, 2009

ghetto fab...

you know you´re super ghetto when you car sports a sticker that says: getto neggir

the irony of the sticker?

it´s on the back of a toyota corolla sedan.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

casi casi

tomorrow i´ll spend some time taking all the documents off the computer so that we can reformat and have a computer again.

amely is officially an american citizen after a brief visit to the consulate in santo domingo yesterday morning.

we´re finally over the flu bug that was running around our house, but samil is still coughing and taking medicine.

my cleaning girl is visiting her family in haiti visiting her family this week and i miss her desperately. who knew that two days of week would be my sanity?

samil is spending 2 hours a day with a babysitter. he loves it. and he loves her boyfriend (and has for a long time now!) and it makes teaching a lot easier.

hopefully i´ll be back soon.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

false alarm.

i was super excited this weekend when my neighbor was home on medical leave escpecially because by day 2 of a 6 day leave he was completely healthy and able to fix the internet card on our laptop.

i´d be connected! i could email. i could facebook. i could blog.

but alas, not 24 hours after the gift of internet, a nasty, nasty virus took it away from us again. the slarity (or something) virus ate our computer.

it´s back in our neighbor´s capable hands. unfortunately, he´s back at work, so who knows when we´ll get back in again.

it´s time for a new computer.

Monday, September 7, 2009

not lost. just cut off.

after a four month fight with the local phone company, they finally reinstalled our phone service.

only not with the same phone number.

which is the only reason why we were fighting with them in the first place. if it hadn´t been for that phone number we would have just went with another company a.long.time.ago.

now, we´re in the process of cancelling the phone and going with another company.

talk about frustrating.
and since we´ve got the phone, it´s only fair that we don´t have internet.

living without communication is... something else. luckily we´ve had no emergencies that require communication with the outside world. and even luckier to have neighbors who share their phone and now their computer.

i´m hoping to be back in the world of connected soon.
pictures to follow.