who's that girl?

Welcome to my blog!

The "girl in the DR" is an early-thirties woman living in the dominican republic with her husband and two.point.five kids (baby number three is due in September 2014!)

I've been here, on the island, since 2004. About every six months I sit down and write a list of pros and cons of living here. The pros have always outweighed the cons by at least a few, so here we are. On the top of the "pros" list: weather.

Taboo to talk about weather?

Not when you live an hour from the beach and can go there almost any time of year. After the winter of 2014 in the Northeastern United States, I'd say the weather is the best reason to, at the very least, not be there in January.

My schedule was way more flexible when I worked from home - teaching local bilingual school students, some online internet work and some consulting -  but some things happened and some doors were opened and now I teach at one of the local, private universities. I had never imagined being a teacher, let alone a professor.\

In 2012, I began to work as the principal of a ministry school in one of the poorest areas of Santiago called Cienfuegos. I actually arrived on the island to do this kind of work, so I was - and am - super excited to be involved. We have 120 students from 3 year olds - 4th grade.

I write about life in Santiago - some of the hardships and some of the joys - my family, and just things that I see around town.


Anonymous said...


It is great to see that little girl I knew grow up to do such great things for people. I always knew you had a big heart. You are one of the gems of humanity.

Robin Bickel

Anonymous said...

Hi Melanie,

I once lived and worked in Puerto Plata, and am now back in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. When my ex-husband and I broke up, I returned back to Canada almost 8 months pregnant.My daughter is going on 3 in February. I have returned to PP for short visits but is is not the same as living there. Santiago is a favourite city of mine, I use to go every weekend. I miss it so much. I often wonder what would life be like had I stayed. Thanks to your blog, I get a piece of the Island experience, just enough to stave off the cravings until I can return. Mesha

Chrissann said...

Hi Melanie,

I found your blog on Expats Blog and really love it – your website is fun! I've added your blog to our "Blogs We Follow" list on my website.

My website, www.womenwholiveonrocks.com, is a collaboration of funny women writers, blogging all about the quirks and eccentricities unique to island living.

As a fellow island girl, I'm sure you'll be able to relate to some of our humorous stories. I'm always looking for fresh perspectives and you seem like a great fit for the site. Women who write for the site contribute as much or as little as they like ­- having fun and celebrating the humor of island life is what it's all about (and, you know, griping sometimes! ;) ).

If you're ever interested in writing with us, whether as a regular contributor or as a featured guest, just let me know and I can send you the details on how to join in.



Maria Cortes said...

Hello, i am from Dominican republic too , i live at the Distrito Nacional, in Gazcua, i am proud that someone decided to show our countrya as it is, i am trying to do the same with my blog and also with youtube videos, so people can know about the young life here, how we hang out here and how do we have fun, I am also showing some outfits, so people can see how we dress here. I love my country and i hope you continue doing this and we can make the world to know about this magic island. Kisses and hugs from Maria. Any information you can contact me via email.

This is my blog you can check it out: http://purpleairbubbles.blogspot.com/