Monday, August 3, 2009

just a few days...

one of the hardest things of ex-patriating myself when i was so young was leaving behind my family and friends... one of the easiest things, though, is being young enough to make new friends easily.

alas. i miss my family. i miss my friends. i love my new friends here, but there is something to say for people who have known you for years and years. people who have watched you change and grow.

and still love you.

my brother has been here for the past five weeks and in just a few days he will be gone. we won't see him again until december and after that not until summer. i thought it would be difficult re-learning how to live with him - we didn't do such a good job at it when we were littles. but, i found him a teaching gig, got him a spanish teacher and we've kept busy enough to make it work.

and work it has.

amely already has him wrapped around her finger - eventhough he claims to hold her so much so that he doesn't have to help with anything else, we know it's because he likes carrying her.
and samil loves him. and has included his name is his preciously limited vocabulary. but only when he wants something. he's MAh-MAh and recently because of his stuffed up nose, PAh-PAh... but when he wants something, really wants it he's GANDEE. (you know, Danny, in Samil talk)
and i can't be more grateful for his help during this transition from 1 little to 2 littles. from help with the potty to cleaning up poopy-underpants to cooking delicious dinner and buying me empanadas.

we've got a few days. no teaching this week, but he's got spanish classes. as long as mr. mechanic fixes the car today we've got some trips planned to go out with a bang.

thank you..

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