Sunday, November 1, 2009

for reals.

so, the computer finally died. and samil has temporarily incapacitated the camera. beyond that life is super busy. and not with anything really significant. just busy. and eventhough i hate this, just some tidbits

amalio - currently working on a master's degree in applied linguistics. working full time at school and writing papers.

melanie - teaching. same as always. about 20 hours a week. i've got a new little pet project i'm helping with and of course raising the babies. cooking, cleaning. and being without running water for a week.

samil - is completely potty trained (really he has been for awhile but i never said it on here. not to brag. potty trained before his second birthday). understands english, spanish and korean but doesn't have to many words to show for it. he's getting there. if someone touches the baby the wrong way he tells them "careful, baby."

amely - is getting huge. and as seen in the last post is starting to eat solids. she is a bowl of laughter and smiles. and her eyes are still blue... so much for trying to deny her american-ness.

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