Wednesday, December 16, 2009

sweet sweet chicago.

it's been quite a while since i graduated from college. and i haven't been back to the windy city since.

not that i haven't wanted to.

but it's complicated, and expensive, to fly to new york and then to the midwest. i've been blessed by friends who've come to philly to see me (and more recently, us.)

but now it's time.

on saturday morning, the kids and i will fly to chicago!! i've got no itinerary other than "see people we LOVE".

it's a little overwhelming, but i'm beyond excited.


Erin said...

When will you be here? Where are you staying? I'd love to see you, Twinkie!

Buki Family said...

really sad i will miss you!!!
but you won my blog!!! and i didnt even cheat to pick you, did because of your blog entry... if you had not of blogged it someone else would have got the prize! anyways send me the address where you would like it sent so i can send it on to the sponsers...

BethAllina said...

Call me! 224-578-1646 I'll be back in the Chicago area Sunday evening.