Friday, December 3, 2010

alligator skin.

there are so many downsides to the humidity in santiago: frizzy hair, mildew everywhere, suffocation...

but, i never have skin problems. and i have always had skin problems. like, elbows that you could use as a pumice stone on the nastiest feet and dandruff like you've never seen. and now poor amely has my dry skin disgusting-ness.

how do i know she has dry skin if it is always humid in santiago?

because in philadelphia its too dry. it's causing an itchiness that is incurable. no lotion is good enough. no shampoo saves the dandruff. (okay, admittedly i haven't developed any dandruff yet this visit, but still...)

anyone have any suggestions on lotion that cures alligator skin?


Erin said...

Mary Kay has an extra emolllient night cream for hands and feet. I use it on my eczema patches when they flare up, and it cures it faster than anything I've ever been prescribed. It's pretty greasy, so I put it on, and then I cover it up with an old long-sleeved t-shirt (or socks for my feet) before bed to let it work it's magic over night.

Alli said...

Ugh, I have tried so many lotions because my skin is terrible in the winter, and becoming a nurse (and washing my hands every 5-10 minutes at work) has NOT helped the issue.

I use Curel Ultra Healing "intensive moisture lotion for extra dry skin," which comes in a bottle with a pump. I have also tried one that is also Curel but I can't remember the name of. It comes in a smaller tube. That worked pretty well too.

melanie. said...

alli and erin - thanks for the suggestions. i think my skin was just not made for this cold weather :) i just didn't know it til i moved out of the cold and realized that dry skin wasn't normal! ha. i'm going to try all of these suggestions.