Tuesday, April 19, 2011

losin' weight.

i've struggled with weight loss since high school. i don't say weight gain, because, well, that parts easy.

i've lost significant amounts of weight, just to put it right back on! disgusting, i know.

as i inch closer to the big 3-0, i've decided it's time for a change. a big. huge. dynamic change. one that includes losing almost more than my two kids weigh. combined.

i want to be fit. i want to be an active mom. and more, i want my kids to follow my example. i want to eat healthy, go for walks and just be in shape.

in january, i started on this journey. exercising, eating more fruits and veggies and not so much fried food (which if you know the dominican cuisine, you will know is very. very. difficult). and after a few weeks, i started seeing results. so, i kicked it up. more exercise. even more healthy choices. and now. getting the family in on it.

we take walks almost every day. and the kids will choose bananas and pineapples over lollipops and potato chips any day. and don't even mention a carrot if you haven't got one. we eat pounds of carrots every week.

and it's paying off.
i am about 1/3 of the way into the weight goal. and my fitness goals is to run a race before the end of the year. i'm so excited about this new way of life.

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Huseyn Gurbuz said...

Hello with Huseyn from The Netherlands. I have read your post about your Weight Loss. I had the same thing when i was 15. I was too fatty. So my dad brought me to a shrink. but that didn't work.
One day he found a doctor and the doctor told him to let me take a diet lose the fat. So i did that.
First it was hard but then i got used to it. I losed much weight. After that i couldn't get fat anymore.