Monday, July 11, 2011


i can't wait for summer vacation to start.

see. universities study year round here. it's kind of ridiculous if you ask me, but it is what it is, right? so, i get a month of vacation starting the 25th. and until then, i am craz-y busy.

we've inherited a niece, a beautiful little girl who can't read or write or even count. after two years in pre-school. and i know reading it pushing it at 6 - but really? you can't count? after TWO WHOLE YEARS in school? it's a problem.

and i've inherited my brother for the summer. he takes my tutoring students so i'm not busting at the seams with work. although, busting at the seams with work is a non-problem, right? especially with this economy. but, i prefer poverty and being with my kids than riches and never being home. so, summer with brother is a blessing.

throw in my own two beauties who are getting bigger and badder every day. samil is still in love with "doing school" and amely is learning more and more ways to get papi to do whatever she wants.

i'm looking forward to filling up our baby pool on the balcony, buying some fresh pineapple and having some time-outs from the real world come june 25th. i'm sure i'll get bored in 5 minutes, but i'm still looking forward to it.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like you're very busy! I love your new blog layout - can't wait to be back in the DR :)