Monday, September 19, 2011


it's been something these past two weeks.

the kids have been sick. you know, that annoying coughing and runny nose sick that kids get and dominicans refer to as gripe. i avoid the doctors at all costs, mostly because i can't handle the stupidity of it all, but when samil's fever just wouldn't go down, amalio packed him up and took him to the emergency room.

chest x-ray, blood draw and pee in a cup all to find the norm. and by norm, i mean nothing. nada. medicine on top of medicine and no school for two days.

and just after school on the first day back, poor samil busted his chin open... and three stitches and a nasty tetanus shot later, we're on the way back to normal.

sometimes this kind of week overwhelms me. puts me out, makes me crazy. la loca who yells a lot, but this week it wasn't so bad. i'm still remembering that life is good and we have been blessed. this could be la colera or dengue fever or something other nasty caribe disease.


Erin said...

Poor Samil! And poor you!!! Hope this week is a calm one for ya!

Zulma said...

Hi, Sorry about Samil.
I just recently moved to DR from Orlando, Fl and my husband and I are looking to make new friends with expats like us. we have two boys that do not know the language and are dying for some English speaking friends. My email is if you would like to contact me. Thanks. Hope Samil feels better.