Wednesday, November 9, 2011

coffee IV

i've reached the point where i think i'm going to buy some works and hook myself up permanently to the coffee urn.

it's not that the coffee here is delicious (it is), it's that i'm so sleep deprived that some days i don't think i'll survive without passing out while crossing the street.

super busy? big plans? people to see, parties to plan?

no. no. friends.

i've got a two year old who refuses to sleep in her own bed.
or even in her own room. or a mattress on the floor.
she needs. (yes, needs) to be between mami and papi on the bed. left foot shoved under mami's belly and right foot under papi. spread eagled.

taking up the most precious bed real estate.

i'm at wits end. i don't know what to do. we've tried locking the door, carrying her back every time and even promising her things.


the worst part is that no matter what, we're out sleep. precious, precious sleep. if i have to carry her back and forth, i lose. but if i leave her with us, i lose it.



Lisa said...

I'm in the same boat. I am so jealous of people who say things like "Man, I only got 6 hours sleep last night!" I think, wow, SIX UNINTERRUPTED HOURS is my idea of heaven!

(PS. I came over from a blogher link on my sidebar. "Coffee iv" got my attention!)

Peanut-Butter & Jelly said...

God knows I'm weak and blessed me with wonderfully drowsy children. They sleep late. I had to laugh when I saw your time stamp for this post. Don't punch me in the face, but I can't remember the last time I was up that early. ;)