Thursday, May 24, 2012

why i have no time.

i'm not one to speak poorly about classes i'm taking. especially not on the internet, but man.

our university offers some online resources for students and teachers alike. and in order to incorporate that into my classes, i'm taking a class to learn how to do use some of this stuff.

it's four classes, on thursday nights - on top of all the other crazy-good busy-ness that's going on in these parts right now. today i was late and thought i'd miss a ton.


in fact, i've been here 1.5 hours and have learned how to sign into the webpage.


and as you may or may not have noticed, i've disappeared from the blog. and it's just that i'm so busy. it's a filling ,amazing kind of busy and i really am more content than i've been in ages. i'm working in an area that has always been in my heart and in an environment that i thrive in (mostly, me in charge!)

i have some classes at the university, and i've gotten students that are eager to participate, and speak english at a level that makes it worth the work - seeing what they are passionate about, what affects them.

and i'm still working with midwives for the dominican republic, and have even branched out from my training with them and am teaching a pre-natal class. (on top of that, there are plans in the works to enhance the training for childbirth educators, bring in more women's healthcare advocates, etc...)

more. i'm working with a friend to start a little micro-enterprise that empowers women, and in turn changes lives. with the same friend, working on getting biogas into these communities (for so many reasons, that will come when i have a minute to sit down and think it out).

community garden project, and rain-water collection system because we only get potable water three days a week for a few hours in the new school i'm working at.

samil and amely are growing and growing and just as involved in all these new projects as they can be.

and now, i've been in this class for 2 hours and 15 minutes, and still have no idea why i'm here. the guy is still showing us examples of other people's pages (that i could look at in my free time!)

be back soon.

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