Friday, December 14, 2012

in a rut.

there are so many things that i just have a really hard time dealing with. my cultural-frustration threshold rises and falls depending on how much sleep i get, how often i have to deal with ridiculous messes, and the weather. (no really. life is complicated here in the rain. it kills my ability to be understanding).

lately, i've been in a rut. the cashier can't ring up my item and suggests i just forget about it? normally it wouldn't bother me. i'd make a snide comment and move on. nowadays? i'd call the manager and make a complaint. the concho stops at every corner and beeps, waiting for non-existant passengers? normally, i cherish the extra time to catch up on my novel-reading. nowadays? complain loudly to the driver about how late he's going to make me for work.

the rut lasts a few days (or weeks) and then something happens to snap me out of it.
i do live in a tropical paradise, afterall.

i was hoping the christmas cheer would do the trick, but with a new fiscal reform in store for the new year - raising taxes and prices of the "family basket", people are less cheerful than they normally would be.

so, this weekend i'm going to force some cheer on us all - christmas music all around, decorating the house and getting ready for visitors. it helps that i won't need to take a concho for awhile and yesterday finished most of my food shopping for at least a week.

any suggestions to raise my cheer?


Lindsay said...

Shopping on Monday!!

Icculus124 said...

You can think about your wonderful brother coming to visit you in a week.

Biscuit said...

Hello! I just happened to stumble upon your blog and absolutely love it! I was born in the Dominican Republic but came to the US when I was 3 weeks old. I was raised by Dominican parents and travel back to the DR at least once a year, however I can totally relate to your frustrations. It's hard to get used to the lax lifestyle sometimes over there. I think it's normal to get frustrated and want things to move at a faster pace...I don't know if that is something you will ever get used too...anyways I look forward to continue reading about your adventures :)

melanie. said...

Hey Biscuit - thanks for the comment. I think it's easier to be used to it if you live here, as opposed to vacationing, but man. sometimes i just get in these funks where everything is a pain. thanks for reading!!!!