Friday, March 29, 2013

good friday.

this morning, at 6am, we hopped in the car and headed to the airport. at 6 am on good friday, the streets are empty. here, almost nobody works today. it's a sacred day. the stores still close from 12-3 and it's hard to buy alcohol.

as we drove along, we saw groups of people walking. and as we arrived in la joya, in front of a prominent catholic church, the masses were beginning to congregate. today, beginning at 6am, catholics walk the via dolorosa, the stations of the cross, visiting 13 different churches throughout the city - reciting a station at each.

we made it to the airport, checked in my parents and i headed back. as i drove up the highway, i noticed a sea of umbrellas, led by a man with a stop sign. hundreds of people following the cross.

and as i made my way back through la joya i had to stop every few feet to avoid running into the ever growing crowd.


this celebration of good friday is incredible. masses of people remembering the sacrifice made for them - and the best part of it is that on sunday he will no longer be crucified, the tomb will be empty.

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