Thursday, July 11, 2013

our wish list.

i feel like i know most of the people who read this blog. if i don't, i'd like to, but that's besides the point. this place has been a great connector - and i've met a number of very quality people because they've read this thing. excellent.

i posted on facebook last week a wish list for school - and wow! people i haven't spoken to in ages spoke up and offered to help us. blessed beyond belief. 

our philosophy is that we can't give handouts. in order to break the cycle of that exists in "supported" communities, we have to hold people responsible for their own kids. if we swoop in and take over, we take away that responsibility and the relationship between parent and child is damaged. even worse, we create a culture of "give me gringo!" and perpetuate a cycle of poverty. so, all of our families pay for education - whether they pay in money or in service, they are responsible for their children's education. however, the fee is so minimal that we still need help.

this year, we started a women-to-work initiative, where local women make jewelry that we then sell and split the profit (50/50) with them. and we, of course, have donors and sponsors. we are proactive. and trying to find ways to be sustainable in the midst of un-sustainability. 

besides the big tickets (salary and food), our biggest expense is school supplies. because even though we believe that parents should be responsible for their children's education, we also understand that it is almost impossible to ask for more than we already do. the average family (of 5) income is less than $300 USD a month. that's about $2 a day per person. despite this, our families have been faithful. their children come to school every day, they pay every month and are responsive when there are problems. 

we all want the same thing. hope for their children's future.

being poor should not rob a child of quality education. a safe place to be creative and learn and grow. 
and we hope that we can offer that. 

if you're interested in helping us stock our supply closet, please let me know. we will receive your gifts with full and blessed hearts and promise to put it all to good use. 


Quality #2 Pencils 
Crayons (12 or 24 pack boxes)
Pink or White Pencil Erasers
Student Pencil Sharpeners
Pre-School Craft Scissors
Teacher Scissors
Glue Sticks (but not liquid glue)
Tempera (poster) paint
Markers (the fat kind)
Pens (black, blue and red)

Children's Multivitamins (preferably the gummy kind)

Bingo Markers
Modeling Clay (not play-dough -it melts in the heat!)
Dry Erase Markers
Stamps (and Stamp Pads): numbers, letters, animals, etc... like this one
Magnetic Numbers and Letters
Felt Board Accessories (especially Bible stories)

Laminating Sheets
Sheet Protectors
Staplers (for teachers)
Hole Punch
Dress up clothes (old doctor, nurse, dentist gear? yes, please! - old dance costumes or scout uniforms, badges, etc... POR FAVOR!)
Story books in Spanish or French (no English books please!)

we are used things. i know some of your are awesome thrifters, consignment shoppers, trash-pickers. please. please. please. 

mail to: melanie, 266 roxborough avenue
philadelphia pa 19128
after an early morning explosion outside of our house, combined with the fire that took the life of a precious baby this year - we are working with the Cienfuegos Fire Department to see what we can do to help them. this is another post (long post) for another day, but if you or someone you know is in fire, rescue or police work and think you might be interested in learning more about Dominican Republic public services and how you can help, please drop me a line! 

for all contact: melanie512 {@} gmail . com

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