Saturday, September 7, 2013

it all piles up.

amely and i are sitting on the bed. i'm tired, my nose is running and i just keep thinking about the one million things i absolutely need to do.

today, one of amalio's friends came and split our cable wire so that we could have two tvs again. not because we really need cable in our bedroom, but our new (kingsize) bed is such a better place to watch movies at night after long days of to-do lists and busy-ness. also, the tv was just kind of sitting there. without an antenna there is no such thing as local tv.

the tv is on. amely is watching. i'm trying to catch up on work. but honestly, i'm just not here.
i'm tired of being tired.

i want to take a saturday to play on the beach and not have to worry about the laundry or the dirty bathroom or the paperwork or the planning.

and please don't get me wrong.
i love my jobs.

but today? i just want to hang out. update my blog, read a book. listen to my kids scream in delight without yelling at them to keep it down, i've got work to do.

so, tomorrow i'm limiting myself. i need to do a load of wash (no panties. i know, tmi, sorry) but other than that, we're hanging out. no paperwork, no planning, no fretting.

who's with me?

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