Friday, October 18, 2013


if you've read the blog for any period of time, you've probably figured out that i work in a school.
we actually have a bunch of schools, some churches and the center that i run. 

this year, we opened a new church and center in a suburb called licey, and we hired an intern named marcy to coordinate the educational program. she's super cool and has decided to raise money to enhance the snack program already in place.

the students sometimes bring their own snacks - and they share with their classmates who don't have snack. their snacks consist of sugary juices and white bread.

the "program" as it is right now is morning "snack" once a week - usually bread and juice. it's not as nutritious as it could be, but it's what works in a school with no kitchen facilities or reliable water source. marcy has come up with snacks that are easily available and require no real set up -- and a way to enrich bread (with peanut butter, jelly or other sandwich spreads).

for $14, you can provide breakfast for 40 pre-school kids that might not otherwise have it. click on over to the indiegogo campaign, check out the video and consider helping out!

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