Tuesday, July 8, 2014

never a dull moment.

On Sunday, I took the kids to the beach with our friends, The Rousculps.

The nearest beach is only about an hour from our house, and I'm very sad to tell you that we do not visit there often enough. It is a beautiful, Caribbean beach with waters as azul as the sky, and as warm as ocean water should be. The beach sand is white and soft. And.

And we can go there in January. Or March. Or really whenever.
But we don't.
Because we apparently do not know how to take advantage of what we've got.

Nevertheless, on Sunday, we went.

The water was beautiful, the sun was out. And, of course...

thank god it's not a baby! just a dead puffer-fish!
Josh wrestled with a barracuda. At first, he thought one of the kids had rammed into his leg, but when that "kid" bit into his trunks and tried to steal them, he put his hand down and felt a long, sleek fish that was pretty big.

Rebecca and I made friends with a sweet little girl, no older than 18 months who just wanted to eat our cookies.

And then! a dead puffer fish appeared in the water, and it was like a scene out of Dominican Baywatch -- you know, the slow motion of the entire beach running toward the lifeguards pulling a drowner out of the water onto the beach -- the entire population of the beach ran toward the brave swimmers carrying a dead fish out of the ocean, including a woman who dramatically dropped to her knees and praised God when she realized that it wasn't a drowned-child.

Overall, it was a great day. Just enough drama to keep it interesting and just enough energy to knock the kids out on the way home! (well, just the boys - Zora and Amely were all about their fantasy land).

On the way home, we pulled over to a road-side fruit stand and Josh got 5 avocadoes and a bucket of mangoes for less than three dollars. And that bucket of mangoes has SIXTEEN mangoes in it.

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Rebecca Rousculp said...

Good stuff. All of it. Let's do that more often. Josh and I have this fantasy idea that we'll keep our weekends free of regularly scheduled activities so we can do more of things like the above. :) What say you?