Friday, January 25, 2008

quality friday

some girls that i went to college with choose a weekly moment and write about it on their blogs. i don't know that it's something i'll stick with -- i'm bad at making new habits -- but since today really was a Quality Friday, i figured i'd borrow their idea and celebrate my day.

samil has slept through the night for the past nights - quite a feat considering he's not been feeling well and wakes himself up with an awful cough. last night i crawled into bed shortly after samil's 9 o'clock bedtime, woke up at 4 -- listening for a 'come get me' cry -- fell back asleep and woke up at 6:15 for a quick run. i don't have an ipod but i recently uploaded new music to my mp3 player -- new music along with new headphones made the time fly.

amalio took the morning off from work today to cook lunch. my bad eating habits stem from the fact that in the dominican the big meal is eaten at noon but with no one in the house to share with, i often skip lunch or eat something nutritionally unfulfilling.

samil and i took a walk with sara this afternoon and then sara and i fingerpainted while samil took his nap. at times i wish samil was already sara's age (13months) so that we could fingerpaint, but watching him now, i don't ever want him to get bigger.

samil slept extra long, so i took a nap too. it's nice to spend a day just hanging out, relaxing and not worrying about planning class or cleaning the house or paying bills. happy quality friday.

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simplicity said...

Yeah for celebrating quality friday!

Love seeing the pics and updates!