Tuesday, January 8, 2008


i'll be honest, when we were in philly, i didn't even think of sitting down to blog. seriously. but i've been back for a week and i've sat down at the computer too many times to count - all ready to write something new. right.

first the internet connection was down, then the page just plain wouldn't open and then, i just kept getting distracted. even now, as i type, i'm waiting for two students. when they get here i'll just have to save and come back to this later, i suppose.

samil and i had a fantastic time in the states - after all of the problems getting his passport, i was surprised to sail through both customs offices on both ends of the flights. he was a champeon flier - barely any crying, no explosive diapers. we spent time with family and friends - though we did miss a bunch of people, which makes me sad. but the good news is that we'll be headed back this summer for my cousin chrissy's wedding... and hopefully amalio will go with us this time!



my students have come and gone - but i'm determined to finish this blog today. i started back to work today in the house. i go back this afternoon to the language center where i'll pick up two new classes - for a total of three this semester. i want to stay at home with samil as much as possible, and being a "contract" english teacher helps that but it's still nice to leave the house and work in a center with other adults.

i really have nothing else to write about and in an attempt to avoid rambling i'll leave you now...until the next one!

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