Saturday, November 1, 2008


awhile back i opened my comments to accept all comments, even from anonymous.

i, by no means, believe my blog to be so popular that there are so many lurkers, but i wanted to give some of my friends a chance to leave messages.

besides. i like to hear from people, see what they have to say about what i write.

but since then the only anonymous comments i've received are negative and contradicting or challenging my post. now. go ahead challenge.

you flush your toilet paper? that's great. tell me who you are and where you live so that i can tell you why your situation is different than ours. trilingual kids are a possibility, just check out this link? did YOU raise MULTILINGUAL kids or are you showing me internet how-tos... because, shoot, on paper and in theory communism looks pretty darn good to me.

that all said. please leave a name.


Anonymous said...

Hi Melanie! I´m the one who wrote the comment about the toilet. Since I don´t have an internet-id, I chose "anonymous". My name is Ellen, and I wasn't being negative. I just wrote that to be helpful, because maybe you didn't know about that. We have a little house (you know the really small ones) in SD, where we can flush but our neighbours cant, and that is becuase of their toilet and nothing else. In case you hadn't looked in to it, I wanted to be helpful and SUGGEST that this could be the problem. I am well aware of the fact that not every household in the D.R can flush paper in their toilets, but I also know that many people think that they cant even though they do (this happened to us in the beginning). So I am sorry if you took my comment in a negative way... it was just a comment.

melanie. said...

Ellen, hi! don't worry. That really wasn't the negative comment. in fact, there were some REALLY negative comments that i didn't write about. i put the two neutral ones so that i didn't start a war.

i know in some of the campos they flush, but in santiago i don't know ANYONE who does because of the CLOACA situation and how it gets clogged up so fast. and it's gross when it does.