Friday, November 7, 2008

enough of that mess...

so, i'm on my way out the door...

i'm headed to the longest-line waiting bank in santiago. it's not my bank. so why would i go there, you ask?

well. i need to take a large sum of money out of my (US) bank account. and there's a funny little rule at the ATMs here that would only let me take out $300 bucks at a time. which means i'd have to make quite a few transactions and get charged quite a few times.

insane, really. so this massive bank does money transfers. and i'm sure they do a lot of other shady things, too, for drug dealers and pimps seeing how every time i go there there is a wait of at least 40 minutes and only 3 people in line. we're talking wacky and large sums of money changing hands here. and who else has that kind of money?

anyway. as soon as i go there and get my money, i'm going to buy a car.


it's our first car. not my first car. i had a great car in college. but this will be samil's first car... and i'm praying amalio won't bust it up seeing as he doesn't know how to drive.

if you're in santiago, stay off the sidewalks.

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Icculus124 said...

YAY!! No more taxis, and no more paying for a rental!!!