Wednesday, June 10, 2009

new baby.

i didn't mention one word about a new baby on my blog, and even on facebook i was pretty careful - until the end when people started wondering where she was. is she here yet? i'm easily frustrated. and living in a country with people who think it is okay to say whatever pops into their minds. and on a daily basis i had to listen to people's comments about my belly, about how we raise our kids, about what we should do and what we shouldn't and every.single.thing. that i was doing wrong. and i don't even have a mother-in-law.

so, opening up that can of worms on the internet just didn't seem appealing to me and since i don't really know who reads this blog, i kept my mouth shut. sorry about that. the tactic worked, though, and i had a little bit more peace than i might have otherwise.

but now amely (pronounced ah-me-LEE) is here and there's no real need to keep her a secret, right?

samil has been spending his days with grandmom, mostly begging to go outside and ride his bike to the store. she's done a great job potty training and teaching him how to use money to buy juice and chips. he also grew overnight and i'm sure gained about 10 pounds as soon as the baby was born. this is a pretty bad picture, and we have nice ones, but this is the only one on his bike.

i went into labor on wednesday night. it's been a dramatic end to a pretty mundane pregnancy as i lost my doctor around 8 months due to governmental crap and had to find a doctor who understood me, my concerns and the fact that i'm not an uninformed patient (like most women in the clinic i go to). they had originally set the date for my c-section for june 8th. and that was after fighting them out of putting it for june 13th. i told them this baby wasn't waiting that long, but of course, they didn't listen and i had a semi-emergency surgery thursday morning.

amely was born thursday morning at 8:20am. she swallowed a ton of fluid on her way out so they put her in an oxygen tent for an hour. she's not had any distress since, but she is pretty jaundiced so she's going to see the doctor tomorrow.

i'm supposed to be resting, but i'm getting pretty restless. i get my stitches out on friday and i can't wait. samil and amalio are going to the resort this weekend, my mom leaves sunday morning and i get back to work soon enough.

have a great weekend!


Erin said...

So glad the "secret" is out. It's been hard not to comment on it, when I've been so excited for you. I can't to read about all the crazy new adventures you'll have as a family!

Melissa said...

Glad that emergency surgery yielded nothing complicated, and that everyone is safe and healthy. Congratulations again!