Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a letter to "mapat"

Dear MaPat.

thank you for taking me riding on my bike everyday. i love my bike.

and thank you for buying me chips and juice and letting me pay like a big boy.

and especially thanks for teaching me how to use the potty. i hated those stinky diapers and mommy has enough poopy butts to clean with my little sister around. i'm doing good with the potty still and haven't peed on the floor since you left.

i hope you come to visit me again soon.



Karen said...

A Letter to Samil
Dear Samil,
Thank you for keeping me busy on my visit to your house. I had lots of fun! Keep up the good work on the potty. Help mommy out with Amely. Be careful when you go to the store make sure you get the correct change.
Lots of Love

BethAllina said...

More pictures please!!!! ;)