Monday, September 7, 2009

not lost. just cut off.

after a four month fight with the local phone company, they finally reinstalled our phone service.

only not with the same phone number.

which is the only reason why we were fighting with them in the first place. if it hadn´t been for that phone number we would have just went with another company a.long.time.ago.

now, we´re in the process of cancelling the phone and going with another company.

talk about frustrating.
and since we´ve got the phone, it´s only fair that we don´t have internet.

living without communication is... something else. luckily we´ve had no emergencies that require communication with the outside world. and even luckier to have neighbors who share their phone and now their computer.

i´m hoping to be back in the world of connected soon.
pictures to follow.

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