Monday, October 19, 2009

all in a day´s work.

amalio woke up for work this morning a little late.

and when he got downstairs, the front, drivers side tire was flat in the car.

and it was much easier to leave it for me and take the bus to work.

and if you know anything about latin american culture, you can just imagine the dirty looks from women and disbelieving stares from men as i went downstairs in my house dress (because, yes, i wear housedresses) to change the tire.

one guy even tried to take the job out of my hands...

because you know women can´t change a tire.

(and if i trusted that a dominican man could change a tire i would have let him, but i´ve seen enough in the past 5 years to know that i should never assume a man with a car knows how to change the tires or jump it)

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Celuisma said...

Interesting. What are the guys like when it comes to opening doors and giving up seats on full buses ?

I live in Sweden but come from UK. Here I reckon there are heaps of guys that can't change a tyre and would be glad if their other half did it.