Wednesday, April 21, 2010

hi jackin.

i am again hijackin time from my students who are involved in some really stupid sentence writing thing i made up in order to update my blog.


it's been raining for days. and i can only hope that it will not rain today when i have both kids millions of miles away from our home at their babysitters house. luckily, my students are paying a taxi home because they can't take me to the busstop after class. score.

we are considering a trip to cuba early july. it really depends on childcare and my visa availability. i have a meeting with the travel agent next week. we'd attend an education conference in guantanamo. but not the torture camp. just the city. no crazy american soldiers for us.

i am also planning a trip to florida.
i'm a traveling queen. that's what happens when i can save all the money i should be paying for internet.

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