Wednesday, May 5, 2010

keep on keepin' on.

i sit down and write out really beautiful blog posts to save to memory and post later... but always forget to save them to the memory stick and post them later.


samil is getting big so fast, but he's still having some problems with his speech. i'm going to get his hearing checked one of these days, but the only doctor i've heard of here who does it has appointments available in august. oh well. he knows like 13 letters and hates counting. he also hates for his sister to touch his toys. unless he gives her permission of course. and then she can only touch what he says she can touch. he does love her, though, and is the first person he looks for when he wakes up. he loves cows and chickens and watering plants.

amely is going to be a year in one month. well, one month minus a day. and let me tell you, this kid is nothing like her brother was. she's a spitfire. all over the place, into things she shouldn't be into. she particularly loves the trashcan and the toilet. luckily, though, she's pretty easy going and is learning to love sleeping.

we're getting ready for summer ,which is traditionally difficult for us because i don't work, but we'll see if this summer we can get our act together and not run out of money before my students come back from korea.

gotta get back to class, but i promise pictures soon. promise.

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