Friday, January 25, 2013


it's 8:08am. i'm sitting on my couch, trying to enjoy these few minutes before running out the door. for the past three weeks, i've been on the go almost non-stop. due to some funny division in our contracts, this semester is divided into 4 payments instead of 3, which means teaching two classes at the uni just doesn't cover the budget. so, i took four classes, because that would be fun.

i really do love teaching at the university level. but i didn't consider that my schedule would be so diverse (three {very} different levels) or that public transportation would be such a pain at 5:45pm, and so i'm feeling bogged down.

before the semester started, i made a plan - it included trying to streamline mornings (organizing school uniforms, packing lunches at night, homework checks) and schedule nights with alternating exercise and reading and math practice for the kids. and downtime. because by the end of the day, i just want to sit down and pass out. but that's not so healthy, i think. so, i worked jeopardy and househunters international. i'm in bed by 9:30 almost every single night.

three weeks in, i jumped at the opportunity to do some not-so-desirable running around for the ministry in order to get this 45 minutes of downtime before heading into school and doing everything else that's on the list for today. and in it, i realized, for maybe the millionth time, that a huge paycheck is not worth missing out on family and the kids and the day-to-day.

so, i'm counting down the weeks to the end of the semester - just 12 more to go!

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