Monday, January 14, 2013

stefie gets a man - dominican style

i think the spirit of girlinthedr has gotten a bit fierce lately. don't worry, i'm not really this fierce in real life - sassy, maybe...
while shopping for christmas, asia and i ran into stefie - you'll remember stefie from my rant against c-sections. you may have even wondered how stefie got herself knocked up in the first place.
stefie, see, either really liked britney spears in the late 1990s or went to catholic school. either way, that skirt is way too short for school - she was probably out trolling around after class.
stefie apparently found a something with that rolled up skirt and knee-high socks and scored herself a date to prom. if you look really closely, you'll notice she's not wearing a bra... and her nipples, had barbies been given nipples, would be showing. leave a little to the imagination, stefie!
 this is one lucky night for stefie. after prom she hurried out to get ready in her "sleeping room" to seal the deal!
stefie then becomes pregnant - has a c-section and what we didn't get pictures of were the twins that came after little baby-in-the-belly stefie.

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Erin said...

haha I love your commentary