Saturday, August 24, 2013

dear blogher.

Dear blogher,

I've had your lovely ads on my blog for a long time. I was never really a serious blogger - nor was I looking for the financial recompense of ad-placing. I originally applied for blogher ads to increase my views and widen my audience. Within a year, my new blog earned me 25 dollars. Wow! I was excited. See, I didn't need that money, but it was a nice little bonus for doing what I like to do. It's not been about 3 years since I've received anything from blogher, yet I continue to advertise for you. A few months ago, I wrote and inquired as to why I haven't seen any money - and was told that I don't get as many hits on my blog as blogger tells me - pictures and other non-front-page hits don't count toward blogher hits. Yet, when I sat down to think about it - and compare, in numbers, the very same blogger hits from the beginning of our relationship, to the numbers I'm receiving now, it doesn't add up. See, when I got that first little check for $25, blogger tells me i had less that 1,000 hits a month. It's been three (or more) years since that check, and now - even when I don't write, I get upwards or 2,500 hits. On a good month, I reach 4,000. Somehow, blogher doesn't count any of these - and my numbers from blogher remain stable at around 800 hits a month.

I'm not sold.

And I'm not selling anymore.
Your ads are removed from my blog. I'd rather have no advertising than free-advertise for you any longer.

Please sell my space to someone who doesn't mind advertising for free.

Thank you.

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