Sunday, August 25, 2013

more vacation.

in case you're unfamiliar - we're missing a ton of really great public services in the DR. my favorite is the public library. we were so busy that we only got to go to one story time, but it was great! then the kids played on this train track and picked out books to take home.

we headed to the river for a quick visit with some old friends - and let me tell you, there is nothing like visiting with people who have known you forever. thanks, becky! for the invite. sorry it was so short. and wayne, thanks for being my friend even after all the crappy things i did to you growing up.

the philadelphia art museum is pay what you wish the first sunday of every month. this, of course, means that it is super crowded, but it also means you don't need to pay the exorbitant prices to see some awesome art. my kids are really a little too young for this museum, but since museums are (also) few and far between (and crappy) here on the island, i overload them when i can.
 these lovelies. family not-by-blood. i babysat both of these people when they were younger. and never, ever imagined caring about them so much. their dad meant the world to me, and now these two, plus their mom, mean just as much!
 we went to the academy of natural sciences on some free passes my mom scored from her recycling bin. (i don't know how that works, but we also went to the please touch museum that way as well). this one the kids loved! we saw the old dinosaur bones.
 and dressed up like lightning bugs (and jelly fish) in an interactive exhibit on animals that glow.
 amely, who is afraid of bugs, touched a madagascar hissing cockroach, and they both played in the kids section of the museum. they were complete nerds, wanting to use the microscopes to see the different slides of insect parts.
 and just in case you thought i was exaggerating the playground-playing. we played in this mall playplace, and the chik-fila playplace as well. aunt nikki came with baby lucas to hang out, took us to lunch and then we went shopping. 
 aunt stephy treated these kids to games and lunch at dave and busters. they were so excited! and they even got to pick out a little prize with "their" tickets in the D&B prize shop.
 my aunt debbie took us mini-golfing at freddy hill. let me tell you, i haven't been to freddy hill since i was in high school. it hasn't changed a bit - and that's not a bad thing. these pictures pretty much show how the outing went. 
 samil was obsessed with hitting all of the balls, and actually playing mini-golf. amely,on the other hand, used her club to beat things up.
 aunt ashley took us to a drive-in. we got a little lost on the way. and didn't have directions back since both of our phones were dead... but we made it. alive. and didn't need to do anything shifty... we did stop and get rootbeer floats and didn't share with the kids, though. 

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