Tuesday, November 5, 2013

a much needed respite.

a few weekends ago, the kids and i - along with marcy, futuro lleno de esperanza's intern - headed to baitoa, a campo just outside of santiago where jewel lives. 

i've been meaning to make this trip since jewel arrived back in the country in september, but i'm lazy.
i just couldn't seem to tear myself away from santiago long enough. but since this is my tenth year living in the DR, i made a deal with myself to actually see the country. 

so we went.
and i am so glad that we did.
the weekend that we went followed a pretty atrocious week at school.
i deal with a lot of crazy on a daily basis - and sometimes i forget that i need to get away from that. the month of october was particularly wicked. i'm glad it's over.
 look at that view.
i took this picture standing on jewel's front porch. she has a nice set-up - she lives on a piece of land owned by some north americans who love this place. there are three houses - each owned by a different family - and a ton of land. the houses serve as short-term mission housing for groups, vacation homes for the families and homes for short-(and long) term mission volunteers.

the land is absolutely beautiful.
i had had a pretty intense craving for s'mores. we had bags of marshmallows at school, leftover from a mission group and each time i looked at them, i wanted a s'more. my kids had never eaten s'mores.
baitoa seemed like a good place to introduce them.
we were going to do them for real on a fire, but we're lazy (see this recurring trait?)
so we just roasted the marshmallows on the stove.

they were a hit!

the kids played and played and played. they enjoyed the fresh air of the campo and the were crazy with the freedom to run around. 

there was a dead tarantula outside of the house. samil wanted nothing to do with it, but amely was pretty interested. those things are nasty.

there is beauty in this place.
sometimes i need to step away to remember that.

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