Monday, November 4, 2013

palito de coco.

in nine years, i've lived through some hilarious (and some not so hilarious) trends in the dominican republic. i can't even remember most of them - but, there have been songs and sayings and videos and picture-memes galore.

a few weeks ago, we were discussing the cult of celebrity in one of my classes, and somehow the song friday came up - you know the one, the girl's mom paid a ton of money for her daughter to make a fake video that was terrible and it went viral? that one. and my students, youtube fanatics one and all, introduced me to the newest fad: a bachata song with dance steps!

this poor girl, franchesca, quickly became the laughing stock of the island with her song and dance - mostly because the message of the song is to "get hype! get up and dance" and "make some noise" - but is less than enthusiastic in her delivery.

the song caught on, despite being "the joke."
luckily for this poor girl, she didn't last long as the focus of internet attention.
a week or so later, a huge discovery was made! a haitian man selling coconut pops (think, caramel covered coconut candy) called palitos de coco, would sell his candy with a cute little song. he became famous overnight, made a professional music video and even got a visa to take his "act" to the USA.

tons of parodies are around - two of the most famous dominican comedians made a parody video mixing the current immigration mess with palito de coco and animo animo animo.

but, all jokes aside. after church on sunday, we ran into a man selling palito de coco and jewel had never tried one! so, of course, she paid 10 pesitos and tried one. she loved it!

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