Tuesday, December 24, 2013

merry christmas

it is chilly and damp in santiago today. 
we braved the supermarket crush this morning - picked up a turkey for tomorrow and amalio waited 45 minutes in a line to get roasted pork, a dominican christmas tradition, for lunch today. 
we've cleaned the house and taken long naps.
tonight we'll eat more roast pork with friends, dance merengue and celebrate the birth of a savior.

tomorrow, the kids will open presents from friends and family and we'll open our home to those brave enough to eat my cooking. 

it's been a good season, shared with friends and family.
merry christmas. may you all be blessed with the spirit of this season!

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Mandy Indonesia said...

I’m glad to read you again. Thanks for this post. Best for you Buddy! Merry Christmas and Happy New year