Tuesday, December 3, 2013

urban menagerie.

we live in a fairly urban neighborhood. i mean, i don't really know what qualifies for urban anymore - since suburban doesn't really quite exist here - but i'd qualify us as fairly urban, nonetheless. houses are pretty close to each other, we have mostly reliable public services and bad roads. a decent amount of traffic passes through.  we know some of our neighbors and i feel safe with the kids riding their bike in front of the house. public transit is a short walk to the corner.
we definitely do not live in the campo

our backyard is filled with animals that most north americans associate with farming. we have chickens and roosters, quails. there are some morning doves and, now, two cockatoos. we have a dog, and there are cats that come to visit fairly frequently. 

just the other day, on my way to work, i saw two men leading two, humongous hogs down the avenue. i really want to snap a photo, but i was driving and i'm learning how to be better at paying attention to the road and not taking pictures.

these two love birds hung around for awhile. i think amalio caught them at some point and then released them.
this is chicken-chicken who was tragically murdered by a cat not too long ago and some of her many babies.
we had rabbits for a few days, but they were ill and died pretty quickly. i guess that's what you get when you buy a rabbit from the butcher.

what has been most impacting for me is the amount of horses in our immediate area. our yard is large, but definitely not large enough to maintain a horse. there are quite a few horses that walk up and down our street on a regular basis and a donkey that is often "parked" in front of school.

this is a video i took at school of an impromptu horse race. boggles my mind every time.

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