Saturday, November 24, 2007


eventhough we didn't "properly" celebrate thanksgiving here with a turkey and the fixings... in fact, i don't think we even mentioned the day here in the house (you get sick of people asking about turkeys... here people refer to thanksgiving as the "turkey dinner day" and have no clue what the day really means)
anywhos. eventhough there was no turkey -- we received a fantastic blessing a week earlier than we expected.

i was getting ready for work - brushing my teeth, pulling on my shirt and trying to quiet samil all at the same time. DING DONG DING DONG DING DONG. what? seriously. who rings the doorbell that many times. 30 seconds later DING DONG DING DONG DING DONG. good thing samil isn't really asleep.

run to the door to prevent further abuse of the doorbell. "Uh, I need to see Senor Samil A. please." right, buddy. i point to the baby swing, complete with whiny baby.

"no, not the baby. SENOR Samil A." yah, buddy, that's him. his pop's name is Amalio. what an idiot. i explain, slowly. he didn't get it.

we had to open the surprise package to prove that Samil A. really is a baby. and how did we prove it? looking at his brand spanking new AMERICAN PASSPORT! i must say, he turned out quite the handsome boy in his picture. we also received his Consular Report of Birth Abroad which serves as his american birth certificate.

after all the issues we had with the consulate, my lack of thanksgiving and general melancholy during this weekend, i must say this was just the pick-me-up i needed.

the only things left to do are have my dad call the airline and add samil to my ticket and to draw up the permission letter from amalio and have it notarized. (more on that in another post).

-----side note -----
if you haven't seen the new passports, they are pretty cool. much more patriotic than the old ones and seemingly more durable. (we'll see about that, though) i was very impressed.

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