Monday, April 7, 2008

day late, dollar short

samil's got two new teeth... for a total of four
sometimes i'm like - wow, samil, you're so big. but then he falls asleep in his little swing and it's like he was just born yesterday.

apparently i'm on the list.
let's remember the following points, people:
a: i live in a developing country. electricity is in high demand. mostly because there's not a lot of it.
b: my internet is "stolen" and by stolen i mean generously given to us by our neighbors. sometimes they take their router to their relatives... why? no clue. but they do.
c: pictures of samil aren't really that cute.
well, okay. c. is a lie.
without further ado. sunday for samil. a day late.
and i better get some comments. because i already got an email.

samil's newest trick consists of standing.
and pulling himself into that standing position.

so far, he's done it in the crib, and by pulling on my laptop screen to see what's on the other side.

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