Saturday, April 12, 2008

lions and tigers and bears...

oh my.

the dominican is small. there are no amusement parks. there are few water parks. museums: not airconditioned... or interesting. the zoo has 10 animals. okay, that's an exaggeration... but what's a zoo with no elephants or penguins?

so, we jump at the chance to do interesting things when the opportunity presents itself. for our second date, amalio and i went to a circus that happened its way through the island. amalio had never been, so it was fun to watch his reactions to everything. awe at the trapeze, fear of the animals out of their cages, surprise at the clowns.

well, the circus was back. and amalio swears himself an expert. it took a little convincing, though, because it was a little out of our budget - but i picked up a lucrative tutoring deal for this month - and, mostly, because amalio wondered what would happen if a tiger escaped. why put samil in danger if its not necessary?

samil loved it. he yelled at the man selling blinky-light-sabers. he wanted one. unfortunately the salesman realized it and walked by every three minutes trying to sway us. it didn't work. samil stared at the trapeze walkers - i'm sure it was just the spotlights, but he was captivated. and seeing as how he is crazy about dogs, he loved the tigers. we were close enough where he could hear them and he just kept talking to them. grunting and yelling.

in the course of the evening however, i've decided the following:
**mullets are not attractive. especially not on 6'3" russian women.
or 5'3" wimpy men.
**big bangs. you know the ones that start in the middle of your head, are also not attractive. especially when worn with long, long hair. a mullet is more attractive than this.
**if a man is balding, he should not have long hair. it doesn't work for michael bolton, and it definitely doesn't work for circus stars.
**men should not wear leotards. i don't care if you're a trapeze artist. it's just not cool.


Daniel said...

i want to go to the circus...

Buki Family said...

the circus. how fun! i want to go. when will they be in chicago???