Saturday, April 26, 2008

liquid assets...

i'm not a connoseurre of autos. never have been. but i do appreciate the luxury of certain vehicles, the sheer understated elegance of the really expensive breeds. i'm not a big fan of the crazy, showy hummer or even mercedes and bmw.
in my three years (and some) living here i've seen tons of hummers, beamers, benzes, lexus... the typical breed of well known, flashy cars.
i find that its pretty typical of the "new money" crowd in the dominican. fancy, flashy and envy-getting cars are a big deal. even if you don't really have the money to pay for them.
but there always has been the elite few who run the country. something like eight super-wealthy families who own practically everything - from the rum factories to the tobacco industry to the private schools.
and in the past two months i've seen two - count 'em two - bentleys. it seems like someone with some real money who is not so interested in appearances is driving around santiago. appearances? yah, because the first time i saw a white bentley pulling out of the mechanic shop, i gasped in awe... on public transportation. no one -no one - had any idea the cost of a bentley, nor thought that is was an impressive car.
bentleys are used only to impress other disgustingly rich people -- and, apparently, americans girls living in the dr.

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Daniel said...

when are u buying me my bentley??