Friday, July 25, 2008


the big reason that samil and i traveled to philly this summer was for the wedding of my oldest cousin chrissy and her now-husband aaron. after 6 long months of planning (and like a million years of dating), they are finally hitched. it's about time.

samil also met his last-remaining great-grandparent. poppy lives in florida so when we were here at christmas he couldn't make it, and when he went to punta cana for vacation, we just weren't able to make the long trek across the dr to see him.

my cousin jenney and her son bastian are in now visiting from chicago - so far the two babies are getting along hilariously, stealing each others food and toys and other such baby funniness. she heads home monday and i'm headed back to santiago early thursday morning.


Beth Allina said...

Wow Melanie, that color is amazing on you! It doesn't even look like you!

jan Kempe said...

Glad your trip was great! Also good to hear about the progress you're making on your learning center.
Keep at it ..
hugs, -jan