Monday, July 7, 2008

vacation part ?

it seems that we've been on a lot of vacations recently.

that's because we're rich.

no, really. loaded.

and in honor of it, here's a picture of the two of us on a private beach on the silver coast.
because, that's right, i live in a vacation.

honestly? living in an under-developed two-thirds world country has its benefit. especially when said country is known as a tropical paradise to the rest of the world.
i won't get on that soapbox today.

a completely different note, i was advised by some people that for some reason i wasn't allowing anonymous comments on the blog. the pompous arrogant side says that's the reason my faithful readership of 15 doesn't leave comments.

so i searched and toiled and finally figured out how to allow anonymous comments.
quite a task, considering a technological idiot.

so that's it. get to commenting.

1 comment:

Buki Family said...

just wanted to say it has been a while since i said hi and what's up. looks like you are enjoying your summer. nothing new here in chi-town.