Tuesday, July 1, 2008


after waiting for an hour to talk to my (now) ex-boss... after almost poking my f-in eyeball out with a stick... after samil took all the books and papers out of their places, waved around a plastic bag like it his job... after i heard my brother's stomach rumbling in hunger...

i am officially nolonger employed.

not technically un-employed.
mostly because i still work my ass off.

and starting right after my three week leisure vacation for rich people the USA i will hopefully be the proud owner of my own learning center.

oh, and not only did i get my paycheck, vacation and christmas pay, i got a nice little bonus.
of a lot of money.

which i promptly spent on getting a damn permission slip from my husband and the government for samil to travel. alone.

and by alone i mean with his mother.


Dr. j... said...

Hope your trip is amazing and relaxing!!
My life should be a bit more normal only with
a ton of work to do. I'm writing a mentoring
program and then teaching it myself ...
I'm aiming at 500 women signing up! How's that
for confidence!?
The wedding was grand ... seems my whole family
has discovered facebook and the pics are all over
the place. Sweet.
ONE DAY I will deliver this hug that has been building
for ... what's it been ... 4 years? How did we get
connected anyhow? No clue.
Ahhh, go to my blog and click on the title of today's
entry for a fun and funny video. :)

Anonymous said...

I am googling everything from business start up to moving mine to DR to housing, cost of living, etc etc as I begin the life change from living in Canada...packing up, and moving to the DR. My husband and I have visited faithfully for about 10 years now, and have decided it just feels so much better than Western BS and politics.
I stumbled across your blog when searching the general category of dominican+life. Just got tired of all the technicalities I guess and wanted to see the DR I am used to seeing while there, and ...here I am.
I guess I am looking for portals to Dominican life. Preferably I need to know if this ideal, to just uproot, and to know this, I need real info on living in the country. Better would be to have a database of both DRs and Cands living in DR, working in, running a business etc, but for now, I have been concentrating on the 'how to' of it all. So, I wonder, do you live now in the DR? Or in the US? Were you born there? Will you return? Do you know of any Canadiens/Americans who have uprooted business to the DR, or began a different business there? A native view would be beneficial.
Are you this person?
If there is anything, you would be able to tell me that would help me understand life in the DR, vs. the familiarity of beging just a tourist, I would certainly appreciate it. We have not been total tourists, but never stayed off resort. This time, we will rent a condo, on the Bavaro beach, and be less touristy, look for real estate, try a month there without 4 stars, and see what adaptations will be fun, vs the ones that will be shocking, challengin :-)
We are not rich by any means, but we have a successfull business, that may or may not be suited for our relocation plans, but we will likely go anyway, and sell off, or just start again. Wow! That sounds scarey in orint, but we have thought of this nor for years, and want to explore the plausibility of it, to make that decision about when to go, wether to keep any ties here, what to truly expect with regard to healthcare, income, burocracy, safety(much as I feel safe when travelling, it is different in some cases when living within). Would you have any advice, any accounts that I have spoken of, or any leads where I would find frst hand information on any of the topics mentioned abouve?
If so, please email me.
I would greatly appreciate it!