Sunday, January 11, 2009

9 for '09

i'm not big on resolutions. i mean, who actually ever really succeeds in a resolution? it's like an ultimatum - either i do this or i'm crap. and i don't like to think of myself as crap. or a loser.

so, i set goals.

last year my goals were to be organized - i bought an agenda, made lists and did a pretty good job. i wanted to keep a better house - we made a schedule and kept to it. i wanted to start my own school - we started and we're still going, growing the program as we go.

this year.

1- conserve. water, electricity, garbage (DIAPERS).
2- educate. myself (read more, study more), my son and my students.
3- cultivate. stronger friendships, maybe some tomatoes?
4- relax. spend more downtime not in from of the tv.
5- activate. be more deliberate in physical activity for me and samil.
6- prepare. i'm notoriously bad at preparing lessons and such. i want to work on that.
7- worship. find a spiritual center, bring it back to god.
8- travel. see more of the island.
9- create. paint, draw, color, craft and... uh, scrapbook (finish samil's 1 year scrapbook before may.)

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