Saturday, January 10, 2009

trustin' the caregiver.

i try really hard, really really really hard to not dwell too much on the crazy nanny upstairs. i think i've finally gotten it through her head that i'm not her friend and that most of the things she does, i'm not so much on her side.

like when her boss was on pre-natal bedrest for 15 days and she left early EVERY day, leaving said bedridden boss with a very active, aggressive two year old without saying anything, ever... or when she asked for a day off the DAY AFTER boss went back to work because, well, she was tired, i wasn't okay with it. but she's not my employee and if she was she'd have been let go a LONG TIME AGO. like the first time she did something stupid, like lock my kid in the house while she was gossipping with a neighbor and subsequently having to break the lock out of the door. yes. it's true.

but like i said, i try not to dwell. that's why you, faithful five blog readers, have not heard so much about her. i've come to peace with the fact that she's crazy and so are her employers. but sometimes i am just drawn in.

no lie, when i first came back from philly baby's mama was complaining that the nanny never takes the kid out of the house and that she's locked up in there, on the fourth floor, all by herself for 6 hours a day. "how hard would it be to take her downstairs to ride her tricycle?" so imagine my surprise when i get a phone call from baby's daddy two days ago asking me if i knew if crazy nanny had taken the kid outside. no, i didn't know, but... out of curiosity, why? well. the kid had a mosquito bite. and there were no mosquitos in their house.

what? my house is filled with mosquitos. it's rained quite a deal lately, but whatever.

yesterday baby's mama and me took the kids outside to ride their trikes. and bm tells me she doesn't trust the nanny to take the kid outside and that she would prefer for her to be inside and only go outside if i take her or if the parents are home.

now, here's the question. would you employ someone you didn't trust to take your kid outside? i don't know, maybe it's me. but that would be the ened of it for me.

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Erin said...

are nannies that hard to come by there????