Friday, January 9, 2009

no bang.

i had great intentions to spend this week getting everything into order for 2009. well, at least for this semester. unpack, organize the toystore's worth of stuff samil got for christmas, take down christmas decorations, clean the house and get my schedule in order and the materials i'll need together.

great plan.

until samil got a stomach virus and puked everything he put in his mouth for 24 hours and then kindly passed it on to me, which resulted in two distinct trips to the doctor - one to de-worm samil and make sure that he wasn't reacting to a parasite and one for me for some medicine to stop puking.
our water heater broke - well, it kind of spazzed out and went crazy for three days before it died completely. it seemed like everytime we went into our kitchen it was filled with water. oh, and the night that it must have exploded seven times because the water was into the hallway and living room. not fun.

so. today we're supposed to pick up the parasite analysis from the clinic, but i am so tired of the clinic that we're waiting for monday. now that the virus has passed through the house, we're pretty sure it's not a bug. so i took down the christmas decorations, finished samil's room and am still working on unpacking, uploading photos and getting ready.

hopefully by monday i'll be on track. i still have no clue what my schedule looks like since i cancelled a student, changed some others around and will probably get one or two more as the semester goes along. i've got some goals for the year, i'll post them soon and tons of pictures from our most recent trip to visit amalio's family - let's just say, samil loves animals...

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Melissa said...

UGH! I totally know how you feel. I'm still unearthing myself from basket supplies that took over our house during Christmas week. Honestly, now.

Hope you're back up and running - and feeling good about 2009 - soon!