Wednesday, July 1, 2009

getting back to business.

i know you're all waiting with bated breath for pictures of the newest addition to our family.


there are none.
well, there are some, but i'm on my brother's computer and here there are none. our computer is dying a long and painful death. it's currently being operated on to see if we can fix the problem of it not turning on. we're waiting, really, to see if they can fix a hand-me-down computer for a fairly decent price so that we can just transfer our mess from the old dell to the new(er) one. until then, i'm grateful my brother is here visiting for the entire month of july - and has dragged his laptop along for the ride.

we're headed to the beach tomorrow for three days of fun in the sun. beach? with a not-even-one-month-old-baby? yah, i know. we're nuts. but it's a free trip, a free three day vacation where we don't have to clean up after ourselves, cook, or do dishes. just play. and take naps.

and feed the baby. who, by the way, thinks she needs to be attached to my boob 23 of the 24 hours in a day. it's a new phenomenon - because if you asked me just three days ago, i would have been able to truthfully tell you she never cried and slept 8 hours a night. too good to be true.

i returned to work on monday. it's a new project - an SAT prep class for six students, with the hopes of it being successful enough to run in some of the bilingual schools (i already have one contracted for september-november). it's 2 hours a day and so far, so good. i have to keep re-creating my business plans and ideas to make the most out of my time and skills while making enough money to remain "at home" with the kids. it gets easier every semester.

i've gone from working 8am-9pm for minimal pay, to working 4-5 hours a few days a week and making more. it's great. and i love being home with the babies. this semester i hope to only work 4 days a week. fingers crossed.

i promise tons of pictures from the beach on sunday!

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ChicagoStaci said...

Congratulations on your daughter! I've been following your blog and several other expats around the world (with hopes of becoming an expat myself) and congrats on keeping it somewhat private so as to avoid "busybody" comments from people who should mind their own business but MORE importantly congratulations on your bundle of joy!