Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the beach.

we spent three days at the beach with my brother - and while i don't have one picture of my brother with the kids, i do have about 40 of him laying on a beach chair by the pool soaking in the sun. it was pretty great - a little difficult at times with a newborn, but samil got to swim all he wanted, we ate (and didn't have to do dishes!) and just relaxed (and who doesn't want to relax after 10 long months of teaching, 9 long months of pregnancy and 1 month of being a family of 4?) we didn't actually make it to the beach persay, just the resort pool, because the beach had no shade and the bay was kind of green.

my dad got samil this zebra tent on HIS first resort trip and it's great. it's a little bigger than a beach tent, but i prefer it. it's got windows all around and is big enough for two kids - without the bigger kid bothering the little kid.
amely spent most of her time sleeping in the zebra.

and yes, she IS wearing a bathing suit. she has 5.
perhaps. but samil has 9.
c'mon people, we live an hour from the ocean.

my handsome boy!


Beth said...

Look at that beautiful family! :)

Buki Family said...

oh my goodness. your kids are SO ADORABLE!!! love them!