Thursday, July 9, 2009

house explosion.

i finally got a dresser for amely's clothes. yesterday i dusted it off and stuck it in the closet - the only place there is room for it - and waited for a minute to actually begin to put her mess in it. she's got enough clothes to clothe a baby army, luckily they're small and all fit.

but. here's the catch. i thought the dresser would solve the mess. or at least help with the mess that is my house. nope. it's not amely's mess that is the problem. a few weeks before she was born the closet organizers that came with our apartment in our bedroom broke - and because fixing it requires sawing wood the fixing needs to wait. so there are piles of amalio's clothes (because my side of the closet miraculously survived the crash) on an armchair in our already overcrowded bedroom, and the boxes, OH, the boxes are stacked around wherever there was room for them. and samil's toys? well, forget about it.

a hurricane has hit the house.

it's the only excuse for the accumulation of of toys, clothes, cups and glasses and books that were spun in a circle and thrown on any flat surface available.

a hurricane. OR a newborn and a toddler and a houseguest and a brother-in-law and a husband on vacation paired with me working and not really caring about it.

i started to clean up samil's mess. but the baby wanted to eat. and then she wanted to be held. and then samil wanted to take a bath. and then be held. and then go to bed.

and now? i'm going to bed. maybe tomorrow it'll get done.

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